A sample of our very satisfied customers.

Michelle is so easy to work with. She’s helped us with so many things we have needed. I really appreciate her attention to detail and wealth of knowledge.

  • Meghan Foos, CBH Cooperative

Attention to Detail

Mrs Patten, of Patten Bookkeeping Services, is a professional, knowledgable, and very helpful person. I hadn’t met her until recently, but she’s taken a load off of us at the business. Michelle is insuring employee accountability, and creating an easy to use system for staff and owners alike. She’s flexible and considerate in every aspect of her work. It’s easy to rate her 5 stars! Thank you

  • Steve Held, Wavin’ Inc

Flexible and Considerate

I work with Michelle 5 days a week and I really appreciate all of her knowledge and professionalism!!

  • Candis Smith, Broadus Motels

Knowledgeable and Professional